Marrying Cross-Culturally is MORE than a Cross-Cultural Experience

Meeting someone different is exciting, exotic even. At first we get caught up in the differences out of fascination. We want to learn more about the person. We are drawn in by their different or exotic looks, alluring accent, unique mannerisms, and different approaches to life. We may even like their ethnic food and entertainment.

It’s easy to fall in love when looking outside the box.

Be careful. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love while navigating culture shock and adjustment can be more challenging.

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Cross-cultural relationships: A new love language

You might dance and flirt with someone you’re attracted to without having a conversation; you might even fall in love at first sight, before the other person has uttered a single word. But can you actually develop a relationship without sharing a common language?

Jem and Inés have been together for a year and fell in love at first sight. “The evening we met, a friend translated for us,” says Inés.”The first time we met up on our own we went on a walk and even though we couldn’t understand each other, I could feel the intimacy and connection between us. Love can be expressed in many different ways – words are just one of them.”

Max and Sophie are two years into their relationship now. As Max said, “Not speaking each other’s language forced us to communicate more not less, I think it actually brought us closer together and although we still have the odd communication mishap – we sometimes have to check what the other means – overall it seems to be going pretty well.”

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14 Beautiful Experiences That Make Your Cross-Cultural Relationship Truly Special

Cross-cultural relationships bring with them new experiences that may have been foreign to you before. While they are usually beautiful, exciting and eye-opening, they come with their share of hardships and misunderstandings as well. Making families mesh and understand one another when they come from two completely different backgrounds isn’t always the easiest thing.

There are many defining moments in inter-cultural relationships that allow you to both appreciate each other’s differences… and just how thrilling those differences can turn out to be. For those of you who are already in the cultural thick of it (so to speak), you probably know these moments all too well.

1. Learning how to express love (and other stuff) in different languages.

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The Increase in Interracial Relationships

Today’s society has changed largely as compared to earlier times, especially when it comes to interracial relationships. Due to the exposure and awareness that people have received through the media, such bonds are not considered to be undesirable, like it was before.

Even though an interracial relationship can be highly challenging and complex, it conveys the message to the world that love has no boundaries. The couple may come across a number of complexities such as cultural differences, religious conflicts, gender roles, code of conduct, and which religion children may follow.

Depending on how each person chooses to view it, it can be taken either as a completely negative experience which is most likely to end up tragically or as a positive one where one gets the opportunity to learn about each other’s differences.

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Filipina Dating and the Transition of Cultures

When it comes to Filipina dating, there are certainly going to be some transitions in the relationship as it moves forward. Culture shock is certainly going to be a problem for both partners as each one visits the others home countries. So, if you are thinking about Filipina dating here are some issues to think about after you have brought your relationship to the next level and decide to move forward.

When the relationship has developed and it is time for the Filipina woman to come to your home country, the absence of their local community is going to be a problem for a while. In the Philippines, when the Filipina dating is taking place she’s used to interaction with her neighbors that she sees every day. Many times her neighbors are uncles, aunts, grandparents, sisters and brothers. Filipino people are very public and usually know their neighbor’s business as where the western society is more closed.

Filipina dating when brought to another level produces problems for Filipinas because they are not used to appliances that we in the western world take for granted, such as, microwaves, stoves, washing machines, etc. When engaged in Filipina dating you must also take into consideration that the food is very different.

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